figueredophotoshavana.com-figueredo-aboutFIGUEREDO travels to Cuba for over ten years. He was married to a Cuban woman which he picked while she was hitchiking to the university in Santiago de Cuba in 2007. During all these years he visited most of the beautiful places of Cuba.

At the beginning of last year FIGUEREDO radically changed his life! He left everything behind except his Leica and went to Havana, where he lives now. He never went public with his own style of photography until August 2014.

LFI (Leica Fotografie International) became aware of his works and published the series „Cámara de Tortura“ about the pumping iron scene in Havana in worldwide LFI issue 02/2015.

FIGUEREDO is not some tourist. He lives in Havana and knows the people. Therefore he has access to unique locations and venues, that never can be seen on a standard photographic journey. FIGUEREDO  speaks German, English and also Spanish, which enables access to the local people – an ultimate requirement for vibrant photos.

The preparation for his Havana Street Life & Vintage Cuba workshop series took more than 30 years. It all started with a NIKON F2A more than 35 years ago. FIGUEREDO gained all his photographic knowledge from scratch. Today he understands very well why the digital age for many ambitious photographers also brought frustration. For this reason, he sold his digital SLR camera equipment and bought a LEICA M9-P with a single 35 mm Summicron lense. The originally lost passion came back quickly and his latest photographic works are awesome.

Cuba as you have never seen it!