Customized Master Classes is a candy store for photographers. After one week in Cuba you have shot so many great photos, like never before in your life. And just like you, countless photographers from everywhere in the world experience the same – every year. Again and again!

But basically everyone has photographed only those cliches, like all others previously did: Photos that were already made thousands of times before. Like American oldtimers from the Fifties, unknown people crossing the street in Havana, ladies with big cigars posing for tourists, portraits of musicians captured with long telephoto lenses and much more. Be honest: All these photos are interchangable and can be downloaded on Internet.

Cuba is in a change and every single day little signs of this „wind of change“ can be discovered in the streets of Havana. A photo tour with FIGUEREDO guarantees contemporary, individual and vibrant photos of Cuba and its people because he is not just a tourist, he lives in Havana. FIGUEREDO knows the venues and places that have seen just by a few.

And most importantly he knows the people!

FIGUEREDO offers customized Master Classes in Havana and Cuba helping you to improve your photografic skills and to achieve Mastershots, maybe the best photos in your life! The tailored, one-on- one photographic tutoring lessons match the specific needs of the student. The agenda for the Customized Master Classes is defined in collaboration with you. It is an experience where you learn what you want to learn and the focus is on what you want to know to improve your photography and post processing. And the environment is probably the best shooting location in the world: Havana.

Master Classes are on request only. Please ask for an offer.


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