Havana & Vintage Cuba Photo Adventure

Havana & Vintage Cuba Photo Adventure Figueredo


Havana & Vintage Cuba Photo Tour

Capture the soul and spirit of Cuba

Cuba as we all know it is vanishing and some day probably in the near future it will be disappeared. American cars from the Fifties and old ladies smoking big cigars will even then be found in the streets of Havana, but only as a backdrop for nostalgia-hungry tourists.

Havana decays faster than it can be obtained. The Cuban government is desperately looking for foreign currency and after President Obama lifted of the travel ban for American tourists something new will arise from which no one knows today what it will be. But before Starbucks, McDonald and others will dominate the streets there still remains some time to take precious photos from a bygone era in one of the hottest cities of the world:



Havana & Vintage Cuba Photo TourWhat to expect

This special Havana Street Life & Vintage Cuba Photo Tour provides the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore one of the currently hottest cities in the world with an experienced photographer who lives in Havana. All participants will benefit of a very exciting mix of group shooting opportunities as well as the possiblity to make their own personal explorations. Figueredo and his English speaking team provide an insight view of Havana that tourists normally never see. Professional dance studios, where usually a complicated government authorization process is required, can be accessed with Figueredo to shoot backstage. Photographers will visit a boxing studio “behind the bars” and shoot under available light conditions in a gym of the Cuban underground “Pumping Iron” scene (LFI 02/2015, Cámara de Tortura,). Visiting a Yoruba family in their house in the old town of Hershey and other fascinating aspects of Cuba life related to music and dance, arts and culture, provide photographers a rich schedule of shooting possibilities. Beside all of this, Figueredo shows his Havana neighborhood, stroll the famous Prado when artists show their works and sometimes a spontaneous Tango dance lesson for Habaneros and “extranjeros” is offered.

The group consists of maximum six participants. Since we are sometimes working in very private areas or in small rooms with limited space, the group might be split on site as needed.

All authentic Cuba scenes offered reflect the daily life in Havana and therefore origin on real situations. They are not artificial made or drapes for the tourist visit. A spontaneous change in the original days planning can be necessary sometimes.

Havana & Vintage Cuba Photo TourWhy you should attend

The preparation for this workshop took more than thirty years. It all started with a Nikon F2A more than 35 years ago. Figueredo gained all his photographic knowledge from scratch. Today he understands very well, why the digital age for many ambitious photographers also brought frustration. For this reason, he sold his digital SLR camera equipment five years ago and bought a Leica M9-P with a single 35mm Summicron lens. The originally lost passion came back quickly and his latest photographic works are awesome.

His article “Cámara de Tortura” reflects the “Pumping Iron” – scene in the underground of Havana. It was published in Leica Photography International (LFI) edition 02/2015.

This special Havana Street Life & Vintage Cuba Photo Tour is aimed to all those photographers who want to understand the miracle of the Leica M and who want to capture Mastershots of an authentic Cuba. If participants are not a Leica M photographer at the time of the workshop, they should be prepared to become one.

Cuba is currently in a rapid change but Havana still offers a unique setting to shoot probably the best photos of your life.

There are many photographic journeys to Cuba and obviously still not all clichees have been captured by anyone.

This workshop is different!

It is not just another photo seminar but held in another city by another photographer who drops in and flies out again. The Havana Street Life & Vintage Cuba Photo Tour combines decades of professional experience in photography with a deep knowledge of Havana, the local people and the Cuban culture.

Figueredo travels Cuba for over twelve years, was married to a Cuban woman and now lives in Havana. He therefore has access to unique locations and venues that gets never be seen on a standard photographic journey. He speaks German, English and Spanish which enables access to the local people – an ultimate requirement for vibrant photos.

In a combination of a daily morning briefing, Outdoor-shootings in authentic Cuban environments, post-processing and group discussions it will be ensured, that each photographer will achieve the best results.


  • Departures
  • Sun, Oct 02 – Sun, Oct 09

  • Sun, Nov 13 – Sun Nov 20

  • Sun, Dec 04 – Sun, Dec 11

  • Prices
  • $ 4,675 + $ 550 single room

  • $ 4,675 + $ 550 single room

  • $ 4,675 + $ 550 single room

  • Companions
  • $ 2,995 + $ 550 single room

  • $ 2,995 + $ 550 single room

  • $ 2,995 + $ 550 single room

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  • Journey according to the program. With airconditioned Microbuses and/or Minibus and/or Classic American car
  • All airport transfers mentioned in the program
  • English-speaking Cuban guide (from day 1 to day 8)
  • Workshops as mentioned in the program under the direction and accompanied by LEICA photographer FIGUEREDO
  • Excursions, sightseeing, nightlife tours according to the program
  • Tours with American 1950s Classic Cars, Coco Taxis and Russian “Chaikas”
  • 7 nights in the above-mentioned hotels (according to availability)
  • 7 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners



  • Drinks accompanying the meals
  • Excursions, recommendations and activities which are mentioned above as “optional”
  • Tropicana Show (see supplement) Tips for hotel staff
  • Tips for waiters and live musicians during meals
  • Tips for driver and guide



Enrollment: 6 maximum. Spots will be held on a first come basis. It is expected that there will be high interest in this trip. If you would like to

participate in this special Havana & Vintage Cuba Photo Tour, make a reservation soon.

After deposit registration you will then receive instructions how to proceed to make payment. Payment and operation of the tour will be handled by „Senses Of Cuba“, an experienced travel agency residing in Havana, Cuba. Registrations are accepted on a first-come first-serve basis and your spot is held only once a payment has been received. Please be advised, for travel to Cuba, your passport must be valid up to at least 6 months AFTER the dates of travel.

Note: Participants will be required to make their own travel arrangements.

For U.S. american citizens:

In cooperation with an U.S. American travel agency, that is licensed by the United States Treasury’s Office of Freight Assets Control number CT-2013-303623-1, we custom design itineraries that are fully compliant with the OFAC guidelines.

People-to-people travel means you will have the chance to meet the local people and experience their culture in depth. These tours are open to all Americans and no application process is necessary.

This ensures that your Cuba visit is absolutely legal!

This program is organized and operated by „Senses of Cuba“, Havana, Cuba in cooperation with „Cultural Island Travel“ residing in New York, U.S.A.


Your benefits:

  • Photo workshop with professional LEICA Photographer FIGUEREDO
  • Special locations and secret insights into Cuban daily life & culture
  • Combined with visits to the most important sites and highlights of Havana
  • First Class Hotel in Havana or one of the charming boutique or colonial hotels
  • Lunch and Dinners at selected restaurants with special ambience
  • Excursions in classic American cars of the 1950s and with “Coco Taxis”
  • “Tropicana Show“ (optional, can be booked additionally)
  • Time for personal activities (e.g. museums, arquitecture etc.)
  • Competitive „All – inclusive“ Package Price



Havana & Vintage Cuba Photo TourPLEASE NOTE:

Companions do not take part in the FIGUEREDO photo workshop parts of the program. These are only for the photographers. But the companions can join all other parts of of the program, including of course all the meals and evening programs. Program changes: The program is subject to change under certain conditions (e.g. hotel over-bookings). Hotels according to availability. In the event of over-bookings of hotels or closure of hotels, sites, restaurants etc., SENSES OF CUBA will try everything within its possibilities to offer good alternatives for an equal or similar value.


SENSES OF CUBA is a mediator between different Cuban providers (hotels, transport companies, incoming agencies) andforeign tour-operators and/or travel agencies. SENSES OF CUBA accepts any claim in case of complaints or liability only to the amount/extent accepted by the official providers in Cuba who executed the services.


Complaints and liability:

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