If you ever come to Havana (1st)


… you must take a ride with a Bici-Taxi. But before you start your trip through Havana you should ask the „cochero“ for the price. For a normal fare you pay around 1 – 2 CUC. I met a woman from Europe at her first day in Cuba and she was very excited to make a bici-taxi ride in the early morning. When the bici-taxi stopped after ten minutes she had to pay 15CUC – she did not ask for the price and negotiate before the start. 15CUC is tremendous much money for a ten minutes drive.

A bici-taxi driver makes approximately 20 CUC a day. If a „taxista“ has earned 20CUC he normally stops working for the rest of the day. But sometimes he needs to work longer because he has got a ticket from the „cavallito“ (Police) because he drove the wrong direction into a one way street. Or he puts on his powerful Ghetto –Blaster in Havana Centro where music on a bici taxi is not allowed. If he cannot (or will not) pay the penalty, the bici-taxi is confiscated by the Police and the owner has to go into jail until the bill is payed by the family.

You can imagine that the working day for the above bici-taxi-driver was very, very short!

2015 © Figueredo


by Figueredo