If you ever come to Havana (2nd)


… you must take a ride with a „maquina“. A „maquina“ is a very old car that follows a certain route during the day and always returns back again. It is a taxi thought only for Cubans and the car is most times in a very bad technical condition. But this does not mean that tourists are not allowed to take a Cuban taxi. It is quite cheap: the fare from Havana to Marianau (approx. 12km) cost around 20 Pesos Cubanos, which is 80 CUC – Cents (or $ -Cents) – less than a dollar. A ride from Havana Parque Central to Vedado costs only 10 Peso Cubanos, which is equivalent to 40 CUC Cents.

You should experience a „maquina“ because it is worth every Peso it costs. But if you think that six people in a car is too many be prepared to lift your but at the next stop. Life in a „maquina“ can be very exciting.

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by Figueredo