The secret of an ever lasting love

I met Carlos and his wife Lourdes today in a bodega in Vibora Park outside of Havana. Cubans can get sugar, rice, salt, black beans, coffee, rum, matches and other things necessary for their daily life for little money by using their „Libretta“. The blackboard at the wall shows the prices in Pesos Cubanos and when to expect the delivery of other things.
We had a chat together and I bought some cheap rum for us three. Carlos (74) and Lourdes (69) are married since more than fourtyeight years, they told me. They have two childen, a son and a daughter, who both also live in Cuba. After a while I asked them what the secret is for such a long marriage. Carlos replied that he loves his lady very much and he would marry her again – if he had to decide today. I congratulated them and before I left, Lourdes took me aside and whispered me the real secret: „He had three girlfriends during this time“ – she said with a twinkling in her eye!

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by Figueredo