The story behind the photo! photo

Leander, 36 years old
La Habana, Cuba 2015

I decided to write a little more about the pictures I take. You must know that I never take photos from drunken or helpless people only to get a spectacular photo. But every picture has it’s own story. And quite often, the picture is only a little part of the story. “Life in Cuba is fun, music, dance and every weekend is a big party” as some Cuba experts here try to convey…… But the reality is different!

This is the story of 36 years old Leander. He lost his leg when he had to search explosives and landmines near Guantanamo four years ago. But he did not only loose his leg, his soul is tattered, too! What the photo does not show: His body is covered with scars that he himself inflicted with a knife because of the injured soul. Life can be cruel…….

2015 © Figueredo


by Figueredo