Cuba Havana Photo Tour – once in a lifetime adventure

cuba havana photo tour once in a lifetime adventure

Cuba is a tropical paradise with a storied past, offering a unique view of a world few have been able to see. Photographing gives us a rare opportunity to capture it’s warm people alongside it’s natural beauty and stunning architecture. Laid back Caribbean Island culture mixed with the big-city life of Havana, where vintage American cars from the 40’s and 50’s roll right by you on Havana’s Malecon. Cuba is a candy store for photographers.

Cuba Havana Photo Tour – once a lifetime adventure

Cuba Havana Photo Tour - once in a lifetime adventure

Figueredo’s 7-day Photo Adventure provides an in-depth exploration of the backstreets of Havana and exotic locale. Figueredo will open your mind to a vanishing world only a few ever get to see. Learn from him how to discover the soul of Cuba by opening the hearts ond souls of the local people! And his unique way of photographing ordinary people will impress you. It is likely you may get invited into a local home by people you have never met before. It’s the warmth of the Cuban culture.

Volker Figueredo Véliz is not a typical photographer who only travels to Cuba to lead photography tours. He is much more than this. Figueredo has made Havana his home since 2014 and has been traveling to Cuba for more than 13 years. The Photographer is married to a Cuban woman and live an authentic Cuban life and culture. He speaks German, English and Spanish which allows him to easily set up wonderful photographic opportunities. Figueredo also integrates Cuban friends and families into his tour, visiting their homes and talking about authentic Cuban life.

We just finished our last photo tour and made wonderful new friends: 

“Thank you, my friend, for your tutelage. You opened doors for me, both physically and mentally that no one else could have. I am in your debt. This one week with you and your wonderful woman Somaida exceeded our expectations by far! “
Oliver Johnson 
San Antonio, Texas