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Figueredo’s El diá de San Lazaro

December 15 – December 22, 2019  

8 Days / 7 Nights

Workshop fee: € 3.950,– (double occupancy)

The workshop fee is calculated to keep the group size quite small. If you want to discover the real Cuba and not want to be a member of a people chasing crowd, this is YOUR photography workshop! 

For single room please add € 700,– *)
Deposit: € 1.000,– to be payed latest two weeks after registering
If combined with „El dia de San Lazaro“: 5% discount on workshop fee **)
Minumum participants: 3

*) applicable if selected or a second person to share the room did not register

Photographers only 

Cuba is a dream for any photographer. Anyone who comes to Cuba probably takes the best photos of his entire life. But after two weeks of vacation, everyone probably took the same pictures as tens of thousands of photographers before him: American vintage cars in bright colors, locals puffing with a big cigar waiting to get photographed.

German photographer Volker Figueredo Véliz, who is married to a Cuban woman, offers the fantasic opportunity, to explore not only the photographic highlights of Havana, but also to discover the real Cuban Soul. A maximum of six participants will experience a Cuba that only a few have been seen before: honest, shocking but yet beautiful. 

The tour is limited to six photographers which can be split into two groups of three each to have access to very intimate places. Because of the small group size participants will get very close to the Cuban people which is not possible on ordinary Cuba photo tours led by other tourists. It is very likely that you get invited into Cuban homes from people you have never seen before in your life. 

Why Figueredo?

The seven day program will include photographing dance, boxing, farmers market, a rustic gym, the famous Malecon seawall, a ride in a beautiful restored vintage American car, arts & crafts markets, wood of Havana, Prado, Old Havana neighborhood, „brujas“ (fortune tellers), Centro Havana, on request model shooting and much more. Participants will also have enough free time to explore Havana on their own. 

Beside the visit of El Rincón outside the city of Havana, this journey also includes day-trips to the countryside. One private road trip will lead us to the beautiful tobacco region Vallé of Viñales. Another trip goes to the painteresque fishing village of Cojimar where Ernest Hemingway has been inspired for his Nobel prize winning novel „The Old Man and the Sea“. 

Beside the daily photography adventures participants will also have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in post-processing during seperate working sessions. The comfortable environment in a wonderful „casa particular“ with gorgeous architecture is very well suited to enjoy Old Havana in a calm and relaxed athmosphere. Photographers have direct access in walking distance to the vibrant and authentic daily life of the wonderful Cuban people.  

For more information regarding your accomodation in Old Havana look at this video please:


The Santería ceremony 

is a very intimate religious event where only members of the Afro-Cuban community are allowed to express the faith in their orishas. Non-believers or „extrañeros“ (strangers) have no access to the secret kept places where the religious ceremony normally takes place. 

The photos shown here have only been possible as Figueredo meanwhile has enourmus confidence within his Afro-Cuban friends community. 

The ceremony had been exclusively organized for „Cuba by Figueredo“ photo adventures by Cuban friends. It is not a tourist show and participants must be prepared to stop photographing immediately when dancers might loose self-control during the conga drumming and fall in trance.   

Santería in Cuba 

El Día de San Lazaro

On December 17, the road between Santiago de las Vegas and El Rincón is closed as hordes of people from all over Cuba come to ask favours of San Lazaro in exchange for a sacrifice, or to keep promises they have already made to the saint. Some have walked for days, timing their pilgrimage so that they arrive on the 17th, but the common starting point is Santiago de las Vegas, 2km down the road. The most fervent of believers make their journey as ardous as possible, determined that in order to earn the favour they have asked for they must first prove their willingness to suffer. In the past people have tied rocks to their limbs and dragged themselves along the concrete road to the church; others have walked barefoot from much further afield, while others bring material sacrifices, often money, as their part of the bargain. © The Rough Guide to Cuba 

Please note that this „Promesa para San Lazaro“ – Photography workshop can be combined with „Las Parrandas de Remedios“ starting on December 22nd in Havana. 

El Rincon – San Lazaro