Customized Master Classes

Cuba is one of the world’s most alluring, exotic and romantic places for a street photographer to explore. It is walking into a storied culture of old-world charm and history. Cuba offers the images of a lifetime.

Now is the time … before the face of Cuba is changed.

FIGUEREDO knows Cuba and Havana like no other photographer. This is your invitation … join him to experience Havana. FIGUEREDO knows the beauty of the culture as a professional photographer, and he knows its secrets, the faces of its people and its sensuality.

Living in Havana for FIGUEREDO is constant discovery of many hidden gems and beautiful locations, intoxicating lovely faces and ancient women who roll cigars by hand. FIGUEREDO knows knows the people and their daily life conditions that a tourist normally never will experience.

A personal & private photo tour with FIGUEREDO assures contemporary, individual and vibrant photos of Havana, its people and its culture. FIGUEREDO knows the venues and places that have seen just by a few. And most importantly, he knows the people!

FIGUEREDO offers three different customized Master Classes in Havana helping you to improve your photografic skills and to achieve mastershots, maybe the best photos in your life!

The tailored, one-on-one photographic tutoring lessons match the specific needs of the student. The agenda for the Customized Master Classes is defined in collaboration with you. It is an experience where you learn what you want to learn and the focus is on what you want to know to improve your photography and post processing. And the environment is probably the best shooting location in the world: Havana.

Havana Sneak Preview (4 hours, € 420,–):

Getting you into the basics of photography or improving your photography skills concentrating on one or two toppics or techniques while stopping at some of the best photography locations in Havana.

Havana Master Class Classic (2 x 4 hours per day, € 840,–):

Proving the participant with the basic tutorial to catch impressive street images. We will start in the morning as a guided photo workshop and you will practice on your own what you have learned. At the end of each day we will discuss your works.

Havana Master Class Premium (2 x full days, € 1.680,–):

Go for the absolute maximum of photography course by skyrocketing your photographic skills in just two complete working days. I will pick you up where you stand with your current photographic skills and together we develop your capability how approach people to capture vivid street photos.


You should have a good understanding of the photographic process and arrive with knowledge of your equipment and post processing software. You should be ready to go on the street and to shoot. We will work only with digital cameras (shooting in RAF|DNG|RAW). Unfortunately we will not have the time for film cameras as we would like to take outmost advantage of our stay. For the daily reviews, editing and critiques we will use of notebooks. You will have to prepare on your own portable device the files you shoot each day.

Where to stay

We suggest to stay in comfortable private guest houses located in Old Havana (Casa particulares) which will be organized on your request.

To make it legal for U.S. citizens

This trip can be permitted through the People-to-People general license category from the Department of the Treasury’s Officie of Foreign Assets Control. Please ask for details.



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