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Cuba Inside – LEICA Gallery Nuernberg, Germany 

Leica LogoPhotos with the usual Cuba stereotypes are well known: happy people in colorful dresses, in front of houses and in streets that look like time has stopped there. The American road cruisers from the fifties and the events staged for guests and tourists in bars and in the world of music. Somehow, these pictures are similar again and again.
Different with the photographs of Volker Figueredo Véliz.
He is a German photographer who spent much of his life in Havana. Here he got married, lived for many years and found his photographic inspirations.
With his Leica he is always looking for what is typical of Cuba, but is rarely or not seen by tourists and visitors and can not be seen either. The fact that he had also taken roots in Cuba in his family made it possible for him to win the trust of the people. He got access to a world behind the scenes of the holiday country, to the everyday, to the manners and customs, to the joys and sorrows of the Cubans. Figueredo is an excellent photographer, an autodidact, a person who knows how to use the camera to capture the essence of a moment – unpopulated, but always aesthetically and technically perfect. Surprisingly, his black-and-white photographs, which at first one does not even want to associate with the colorful Cuba, make them look fantastic, and they remain in memory beyond the moment of observation.
“Cuba – Inside” is the title of the exhibition. And the name promises intense photographic impressions from the interior of a country whose soul normally remains closed to a visitor.

Enjoy Cuba in the Leica Gallery Nuremberg – it’s worth it!



20.07.2019 – 19.10.2019
Leica Galerie Nuernberg
Obere Wörthstr. 8
90403 Nuernberg

Website: https://de.leica-camera.com/Leica-Galerien/Leica-Galerie-Nürnberg/News-Program/Cuba-Inside-|-Volker-Figueredo-Véliz

Mo – Sa 10.00 to 18.30