Why Figueredo?

Cuba is a dream for every photographer. Every photographer who comes to Cuba probably takes the best photos of his entire life. But after two weeks vacation each one of them has taken the same photos like tens of thousends photographers before: American vintage cars, old ladies smoking a big cigar waiting for tourists to get photographed, musicans at the Malecon wall and so on. And many of them feel the need to publish a book – another photo book about Cuba?

Photography workshops in Cuba are most led by foreigners living somewhere in the world and once or twice a year they travel to Havana to lead a photo tour. They are characterized by two features: first, they know how to handle a camera, and second, they have been to Cuba once or twice before. Some of them work for magazines i.e. National Geographic or others. And some of them might make their living as a wedding photographer. However, even if the photo tour leader is a professional photographer and has been twenty times in Cuba before, at the end he remains only a tourist with a camera.

Figueredo is different!

Figueredo (Volker Figueredo Véliz) is a German photographer who travels to Cuba for more than 15 years. Today he lives in Havana. A few years ago, he hitchhiked a student who was on her way to Santiago de Cuba University and fell in love. Two months later, the two married. The photographer then took the last name of his Cuban wife which also tells how connected he is to this country in the meantime.

During all these years he visited most of the beautiful places and he learned how to capture the Cuban hearts & souls with his camera. It speaks for himseld that he has access to unique locations and venues that never can be seen on a standard photographic journey led by a foreigner.


Why Figueredo’s photos different?

Figueredo really knows how to photograph Cuba. But the secret why his photos are so vivid and and so very different is the combination of unique abilities that only few photographers can call their own:

  • The most important requirement to be a good photographer is that you master your tools! He knows how to use his tool because he works since more than 40 years with a camera.
  • not only that he speaks Spanish, more important is that he speaks the language of the street because he lives here
  • last but not least: Figueredo knows how to open hearts and souls of the local people while he interacts with them.



The German magazine STERN wrote about him on December 31st, 2017:
„Only few photographers are as close to the Cubans as Volker Figueredo Véliz.“






Why Figueredo’s photography workshops are different?

With his lifelong experience he could also offer photography workshops in other parts of the world. But would these workshop be special? Would these workshops reflect an authentic „Figueredo“?

Figueredo’s idendity as a photographer is based on his Cuba expertise. Cuba by Figueredo: This is what characterizes the quality of Figueredo’s photos and that is what Figueredo commands – and what he wants to pass on to his customers. Figueredo works only in Cuba as his personal mission is to show a

Cuba as it not has been seen before!

And this is what his participants benefit from! Therefore he also integrates Cuban friends and families into his tour, visiting their homes and talking about authentic Cuban life. All scenes show an authentic Cuba, nothing is staged or specially arranged for tourists: no Cuba show!
Last but not least: Figueredo’s Photo Adventures will be organized and operated by the German agency „Senses of Cuba“ which is located since about 15 years in Old Havana. In Cuba it is very important to be flexible, reliable and to know the people personally you work with.

See what Figueredo’s clients are saying about Figueredo’s photo adventure: